Covid-19 update Hotel Matschner – Ramsau am Dachstein

Much will change, only the Dachstein will remain as always!

In order to protect our guests and employees as best as possible, we will change a few things and give you regulary an update. The plateau and the scattered settlement of Ramsau am Dachstein naturally offer the opportunity to move around safely. And you can avoid the HotSpots ;) We want you to enjoy nature, enjoy Ramsau and find yourself.

Measures in the Hotel Matschner

  1. Hygiene and cleanliness are paramount in times like these. All surfaces, handrails and other points of contact are disinfected several times a day.
  2. The kitchen in the Hotel Matschner has been completely redesigned. More distance for the cooks, a new ventilation system and safety instructions for the kitchen team and staff are a matter of course.
  3. The restaurant and dining room will be separated to create more space between the tables. The breakfast buffet is also offered behind protective glass. Hygiene standards for the buffet are of course adhered to. E.g. Disinfection station before entering the buffet, disposable presentation cutlery, etc.
  4. Cake buffet – For that special Matschner moment, as soon as the cakes and pies of our pastry chef are brought into the foyer, remains. Safety and hygiene come first.
  5. The wellness area in the Dachstein bath is spacious. Here, too, the legal regulations are meticulously implemented.
  6. The menu, wine list, hotel program and morning mail will be made available digitally from December.
  7. There are many small retreats in the garden of the Hotel Matschner. Especially for the beautiful evening hours or for morning exercises.
  8. In the future, we will also increasingly focus on sustainability in all areas. Both in terms of the furnishings, the cuisine and the care of guests and children.

Travel insurance

When making a booking (online as well as by telephone) there is the option of taking out travel insurance. From October 1st, this also includes cancellation coverage for COVID-19 despite the pandemic status. I.e. Insured customers are covered for no-show or interruption of the trip:

  • if you suffer from COVID-19 symptoms
  • at elevated temperature (measured by a doctor), even if a later test is negative
  • if the test is positive without symptoms
  • if close relatives of people living in the same household become ill with COVID-19 and the presence is required
  • when close relatives are quarantined in the same household
  • if the stay is extended due to illness

No coverage in the following cases

  • Cancellation due to worries due to increasing case numbers or classification as a risk patient
  • Cancellation due to official closure
  • Cancellation due to suspected cases in the environment (kindergarten, colleagues) and precautionary quarantine

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