E-Bike / Mountainbike tour Rittis round

Cozy family tour around the Rittis

On the E-Bike / mountainbike tour Rittis round, head west from the Hotel Matschner to the Rittisberg adventure in Schildlehen. The mountain bike tour goes over the Tannenweg in Ramsau Ort and Helpfererhof to the fish ponds near the Dachstein toll station. Turn left onto the wide forest road and drive along the graveled road to the “Ochsenalm“. From here, continue along the foot of the forest towards “Sonnenalm” and “Halseralm”.

At the Halseralm you can take a break. Do not miss the best flambéed Kaiserschmarrn in Ramsau am Dachstein. From there over the forest road to the “Greimelbacherhof” and Helpfererhof. The “Tannenweg” leads us back to the Hotel Matschner.

In addition to the Rittis round tour, there is another beautiful bike tour on the Rittisberg that leads to the Rittisberg summit cross via the fairy tale path. The grandiose panoramic view of the Dachstein from the observation tower rewards all efforts. Hikers like to take the chairlift, which takes you comfortably up to 1500 m to the Rittisstadl. For children and families there is a barefoot path at the mountain station and a great high-altitude playground. A very popular destination for families and pleasure hikers.

Difficulty: middle
Route: 19,9 km
Duration: aprox 3:00 hours
Altitude: aprox 443 hm

You can get personal advice and maps for the e-bike / mountain bike tour around Ritti at the reception desk in the Hotel Matschner.