Summit experience on the Rittisberg including the Dachstein panoramic view

From the Hotel Matschner you drive direction west along the “Tannenweg” to the “Rittisberg”. Then  you will cycle up the “Märchenweg” to the “Rittisstadl”.

Past the Rittsistadl, the forest trail leads you to the summit cross of the “Rittisberg” with observation tower. Directly in front of you, you can see the mighty Dachstein massif and the Ramsau high plateau.

In addition, we can see the south of the “Grossglockner” from far away. At Rittisstadl there is a good rest stop. To go back to the hotel take  again the “Märchenweg” and continue on the “Tannenweg”.

Difficulty: middle
Route: 15 km
Duration: aprox. 2:20 hours
Altitude: aprox. 360 hm

Detailed material and advice for your tour are available at the reception at Hotel Matschner