Immune system – strengthen naturally

First of all, from middle age onwards, you cannot directly strengthen the immune system. But there are ways and means not to weaken the immune system unnecessarily and strengthen naturally.

Sleep well

Immune cells are produced during sleep and the immune system learns in the resting phases.

In the course of life, our immune system recognizes countless pathogens. However, the system does not become more efficient with age. At a young age, the thymus (growth gland), a gland behind the breastbone, is responsible for the maturation of so-called T-lymphocytes. With puberty the regression of the organ begins. Humans now have to get along for a lifetime with the T-lymphocytes that have already been produced and that recognize foreign cells. Their number decreases, as does that of the B- lymphocytes that produce antibodies. As a result, the immune system becomes less and less efficient with age. Healthy, calm and relaxed sleep helps the body reach its potential.

Balanced nutrition

You are what you eat!

One should never forget, that eating is not just about getting the best possible nutrient intake, it is also about enjoyment. Enjoying a lovingly prepared meal is not only good for your health, it is also fine for the soul. It is important to consume sufficient amounts of vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids. Certainly it is ideal when enjoyment and health can be combined.

Drink plenty of fluids

Water, unsweetened tea or diluted fruit juices are suitable. To add a little variety, the fluids requirement can also be covered with fresh smoothies. These not only quench your thirst, but also make you feel full. Try a “green smoothie” made from bananas, apples and avocado.

Reduce your stress as much as possible

Each of us feels stressed at times. In principle, stress is also a useful and natural body function, but should not be a permanent condition as it weakens the body. Try to put the stressful everyday life aside. Take a little time for a hobby or do something nice that you enjoy. Because Voltaire already knew: “Since it is very good for my health, I have decided to be happy.”

Regular exercise

Exercise is a great way to strengthen your immune system. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over two thirds of all illnesses are caused by a lazy lifestyle. Three times a week for around 30-45 minutes are enough to boost the immune system. If we carry out these movements outdoors, we benefit twice, because the fresh and cool air stimulates the blood circulation and gets the immune cells going. It doesn’t matter which exercise or sport everyone chooses for themselves.

The correct hygiene

“Hands good, all good”! One of the most important hygiene rules recently is washing your hands correctly. This can reduce the number of bacteria and viruses by 90%. But be careful when it comes to hygiene: Don’t overdo it. Grandma used to say: “Dirt cleans the stomach!” Our immune system has to stay in training. One of the nicest training methods: kissing! Kissing is like a little “immunotherapy” for in between because the body has to adjust to foreign germs. And it’s fun too.

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