Promising alpine hike along the Dachstein south face

You take the bus to the Dachstein cable car. From there you hike over the Südwandhütte at 1,910 meters (path no. 615) to the Pernerweg. This leads along the 300 meters down falling Dachstein south walls.

This is followed by a 30-minute ascent to the “gate” at 2,033 meters, which is bounded by Raucheck and the Torstein and presents itself as a natural incision (gate). From here you have an impressive view of the Dachstein south walls, the Bischofsmütze, the chamois area as well as the Alm area and the Tauern in the south. After a rest and a gentle descent, you hike on through the “Schnittlauchboden “(named so because of wild-growing, highly fragrant chives) to the Bachlalm, which invites you to stop for a bite and feed marmots. After another slight descent on a forest road, you will be picked up again by bus.

Hiking time aprox. 5 hours
Altitude: aprox. 660 meters

Tour information and maps are available at the hotel