Snow farming in Ramsau am Dachstein

Active snow management for the sake of the environment

Ramsau am Dachstein has been snow farming since winter 2013. A large pile of snow of around 5000 cubic meters is snowed over the winter. Which corresponds to 500 truck loads and covered in February. A great deal of know-how is required to properly store, process and preserve the snow depot. The snow is stored under a layer of wood chips. Protected from the wind as much as possible, without the use of chemicals. With good conservation, up to 80 % of the snow volume is retained for snow application in November.

The storage of snow and ice dates back to the 18th century. At that time ice cellars were built in order to be able to have a constant supply of ice over the summer months. Ramsau’s approach is of course different. Tourists know that snow production in January and February requires much less energy than in November and December. So why let this one melt? The green idea is at the top of the Ramsau tourist industry: Active snow management for the sake of the environment is the motto.

Even before the first fresh snow is announced, a 1 km cross-country ski trail is prepared in the World Cup stadium at the end of November / beginning of December. Until then, all cross-country skiers can make their gentle and quiet tracks in the face of the Dachstein. The 10 km long trail on the Dachstein glacier is suitable for all hobby and pleasure cross-country skiers.